Affiliate Marketing
for mobile apps

The all-in-one solution for iOS and Android app affiliate programs. App owners create risk-free, high-return channels, while content creators boost earnings with in-app subscriptions, ensuring a continuous passive income. How to quickly build a mobile app affiliate influencer campaign with Appfiliato

Unleash Your App's Growth Potential

It's hard and expensive to grow a mobile app business, especially in the early days and limited budget. Traditional advertising proves to be an expensive avenue, making it challenging for startups. However, embracing affiliate marketing opens new possibilities without the need for a hefty budget. With affiliates, you share commissions from your revenue, making growth accessible and cost-effective, even in the early days of your app's journey. Discover the power of strategic partnerships to propel your app to new heights.

Start Quickly and Easily

Begin your affiliate program journey effortlessly by using  integration with RevenueCat and your favorite Deep Link Service (Branch, Appsflyer, etc.). This simple setup allows app owners to get started within minutes.

Real-time reporting

Both app owners and affiliates can access instant updates on sales and commissions, providing a transparent and up-to-the-minute view of the affiliate program's performance.

Transparent Fees

We charge app owners a simple 4% fee on revenue generated through affiliates. App owners pay affiliates directly, minimizing unnecessary transfer charges. This approach ensures no limits on payment options; you can use Wise, Paypal, SWIFT, Crypto (USDT, USDC), and more.

Automated Emails

Easily access your statistics with automated daily and weekly email summaries. Sharing these reports with teammates, friends, or anyone else is simple and convenient.

Instant Messaging

Direct and efficient communication channels between app owners and affiliates with our integrated chat feature. Foster collaboration, share insights, and build stronger partnerships effortlessly.

An Excellent Method for Acquiring New Users

Collaborating with well-known affiliates can significantly boost your in-app sales.

Automate Your Marketing Efforts

Imagine having a group of affiliates promoting your app all the time.